Musethica ist Kooperationspartner von ECMA Pro

Musethica ist Kooperationspartner von ECMA ProNEWS

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Musethica is partner of ECMA Pro  – International Career Development and Socially Engaged Outreach in Chamber Music

The European Chamber Music Academy – ECMA is the leading European network of music universities and festivals aimed at supporting up-and-coming professional chamber music ensembles.

During the coming four years, the ECMA Pro project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU, aims to take the ECMA activities to another level by adding several elements:

  • Showcases:

A series of showcases will present ensembles to the music industry and provide the unique opportunity for dialogue and coaching with representatives from the international concert business.

  • Musethica:

Through the Musethica method and its intense concert training, ensembles will explore how to deal with new audiences in non-traditional concert settings such as prisons, schools for special needs, hospitals or refugee hostels. Through this the musicians also will experience a new scope of the social relevance of their work.

  • Innovative concert formats:

In workshops, together with international experts the young musicians will develop innovative concert formats within traditional venues.

  • Career skills:

Additionally, workshops and lectures will provide the artists with the essential career skills needed to develop and grow their careers in a rapidly changing professional environment. On-site training sessions will be supported by an online platform to be developed as a digital learning tool for career skills for chamber music ensembles.

  • Enhanced Digitization:

Digitization is another focus within the project: Coaching and workshops during the training sessions will be filmed, and video tutorials will be produced to be published on the ECMA Digital Knowledge Center of Teaching Chamber Music, a freely accessible resource for chamber music students and teachers all over the world. Formats of blended mobility and blended learning, combining physical and digital parts in sharing experience and artistic exploration will be developed.

  • Career Development Switchboard:

Finally, the ECMA Career Development Switchboard will be developed as a presentation platform for ECMA ensembles and an online hub between the musicians and international concert operators.


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